Michael Turnbull

Interactive Design Director

Hey there!

I’m Michael Turnbull, I’m a design director with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I have worked with some exception companies such as Google, Meta, and Dropbox, as well as a plethora of tech start-ups, where I focused on, leadership, strategic planning, and designing solid user experiences.

I love to base my ideas in data, and I enjoy a nice cup of java… though it’s really designed as a delivery system for cream and sugar.

Companies I’ve had the luxury of working with

Design in the Age of A.I.

As designers further engage with tools that automate their workflows, we can look for exceptional heuristics to help guide the outcome of these experiences we’re designing to be people centred.

The Intersection of Branding and A.I

How do you build a brand in minutes with the historical data to back it up, and get a competitive advantage? I speak with Jeremy Miller and David Mack about brand design and ai, and how we use machine learning models to converge brands to their natural state, à la gradient descent.

Michael is an extraordinary thought leader with an exceptional ability to see what is possible. As a true entrepreneur, Michael looks for a creative approach to problem solving.

Merrill Pierce (she/her)The Pierce Group

When designing with A.I., we can remove the obstacles that keep us from action, and focus on the human experience.